This WebApp is currently in beta so things might not work at all sometimes.


Zonalizer is a web application which uses a backend API to test DNS zones using Zonemaster. It uses JQuery to get information from the backend about ongoing processes and to display them as interactivly as possible. Future versions will have a section to list and browse all tests and may have ways to analyze and display statistics about them.


The Zonemaster system is a quality control tool for DNS zones, produced in cooperation between AFNIC and IIS (the top-level registries for respectively France and Sweden). It is a successor both to AFNIC's tool Zonecheck and IIS's tool DNSCheck, and is intended to be an improvement over both. More information can be found on the Zonemaster::Overview POD page.


The good people at DNS-OARC have sponsored this project with a VM to run it on, many thanks to them!

Wanna help? Donate?

If you want to help with the code then fork away and make pull requests. But be aware that this is very much in the early stages so things can change fast, be redesigned, shaken up and twisted around.


Zonalizer's backend API uses the framework Lim for easy exposure of functionality over REST. The design of the API is centered around HATEOAS with addition of cursor-based pagination. Future versions will also have a worker module to distribute the work over backend nodes using RabbitMQ.